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Manlen Designs

Welcome to Manlen Designs.

Here you will find free websets, backgrounds, links and other interesting items. A lot of work still needs to go into this page. Therefore, please check for updates frequently by bookmarking this website.

I currently only have the websets found on this page. In order to view each of these websets, just click on the picture thumbnails and you will find the full set. I also have them in a full zip file within these pages for your convenience. I will be adding more as time permits. If you are looking for anything in particular and would like for me to make it for you, you can email me at ( ). Also please don't hesitate to make your suggestions for improvment in my guestbook. Thanks.

If you wanna see my personal homepage, click on the Homepage link. Also, if you are a Paint Shop Pro user or are in the process of learning the program, click on the PSP Links option and you will find tutorial links and psp tube links. I will be adding additional pages for help with Adobe Photoshop and Flash 5. Below you will find links to other sites that shows the best designed sites where you can probably get ideas for building your own site and other cool stuff. These are also MY FAVORITE Sites.
>Kirupa - Flash Content
>Swish Tutorials and Forum
>Cool Homepages
>The Best Designs
>WOW Web Designs
>Flashkit - A Flash Resource
>Mouse Over Generator
>Free DHTM & Javascipts
>Pegs Web - Free Web Sets
Free Web Sets
  - Butterfly
  - Fire
  - Lilly
  - Pink
  - Pinkrose
  - Prose
  - Red
  - Roses
  - Sunblush

Tiled Backgrounds
  - Dreams
  - Lines
  - Patterns
  - Simple
  - Straws

Border Backgrounds
  - Candle
  - Wedding

Free Templates
  - Blue
  - Blue2
  - Red

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